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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Christy BastiampillaiChristy Bastiampillai
Passed with Zero Faults
Priya has been extremely supportive in terms of providing me with the right skills needed to be successful in the driving test and has been continuously drilling the key fundamentals of driving from the very beginning. I strongly believe that this will help me significantly in continuing to be a safe driver on the road. I also really appreciate the time commitments and the support extended by way of accompanying me even for the test when these were last minute cancellation appointments by adjusting her schedules. Wish Priya and the team all the very best for all future commitments.

Ranganathan RajagopalRanganathan Rajagopal
Passed First Time
I came to the UK a year ago and had to learn the nuances of driving in the UK as I was an international driving licence holder. I booked my assessment lessons with Priya and found out that I was almost test ready and I had no issues taking up the driving lessons and to learn the UK system. Priya was very accommodative and was able to fit me in her busy schedule. She helped me and we did a mock driving test and to my surprise I was assessed with few minor faults. Priya was very patient, calm and friendly in giving me the feedback and provided me with valuable tips to improve my driving overall and not just to pass my test. At the end of my mock test, Priya told me that I was ready to take my practical test which boosted my confidence and prepared me better for my test. Priya helped me with the LDC Workbook which was very useful. Overall, I would highly recommend Priya as an instructor and to learn driving lessons from her.

Amy WrankmoreAmy Wrankmore
Passed First Time
I found my lessons with Priya were very helpful which gave me a lot of confidence and boosted me before my driving test. All the lessons were based around how I felt and were worked on what I believed were my weak points in my driving, which helped me gain confidence on the road. Alongside my lessons I found the LDC online videos a good way to help me to improve. Thank you Priya for helping me pass first time!!

Sophie LawsonSophie Lawson
Passed First Time
Priya's instructions were thorough and very clear which enabled me to pass my test 1st time. Priya was very calm and clear with each stage of teaching me and this helped me to know which areas I needed to practice. Also the LDC Workbook and resources given were really helpful and valuable.

Jess BartonJess Barton
Passed with only One Minor Fault
Priya was lovely, she made me feel very comfortable from the beginning when she came to see me during the home visit. She was very patient and clear with areas of improvement that I needed to work. Priya was very flexible with lessons around my college and work schedule and always encouraged me and massively boosted my confidence as a driver. The Workbook was useful as I was able to reflect on my lessons and was able to write down and work on areas that needed improvement with Priya. The Workbook helped me with the "Show Me, Tell Me" questions. I would highly recommend learning with Priya and the LDC system.

Ellie Lloyd-TunstallEllie Lloyd-Tunstall
The LDC Workbook was very useful in understanding the different aspects of driving and after every lesson I reflected on my lesson which helped me identify what skills and manoeuvres I needed to improve and practice upon. The driving test guide section in the workbook was very useful regarding what the Examiner is looking for and reasons for driving faults especially on the weeks leading up to my driving test. Priya eased me into a driving pace that I felt comfortable with and she helped me with things that I struggled with like starting and stopping the car. Overall I was happy with Priya and the LDC system and I passed my test.